Project Challenges

Our customer was facing issues to generate certificates online. They wanted to generate certificates by uploading certificate photos or designs for approved candidates. They wanted some dynamic way where they can manage multiple schools or partners and be able to accumulate the entire candidate list and generate the batch in one go.

Project Info

Project Name



Utility Tool


Utility Tool


  • http://ecertificate.flyingcape.com.sg

Project Solution
  • Admin able to Manage
    • Countries

    • Schools

    • Default certificates

    • Default fonts

    • Default colors

    • Manage users and permission as per roles.

  • School Can
    • Upload the certificate and able to Mark the Placeholders on Image(able to mark X and Y coordinates)

    • Manage the different types of certificate templates.

    • Upload the fonts and colors

    • Upload the candidate list

    • By location

    • Generate the Certificates (able to change font, size, and color dynamically)

  • Easy to manage Templates
  • Save lots of printing costs and time
  • Able to check history
Technical Information
  • Web Server AWS EC2 Windows Server IIS
  • Database MS SQL server 2012 +
  • Programming languages Asp .Net MVC, C#
  • Client Technologies JQuery, Angular js, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML5, Bootstrap 3
  • Version Control SVN
  • UI Design HTML 5, Bootstrap 3
  • Architecture Distributed & Repository Pattern
  • Other tools Image Editing
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