We at Moltech assure our clients of their classified information being protected from all external sources to guarantee a safe and secure work experience. Various measures are undertaken to ensure this protocol set in place including a Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA] that is signed with the client for protecting data like their patents, business processes, customer lists, unique ideas and project requirements. Employees assigned to the specific client project are only allowed to access the required project data details for which they are also made to sign an NDA while joining the organization.

Machines assigned to employees which store the data are connected internally through LAN. To prevent outside network access, strong Firewall and Antivirus Protection services and systems have been put in place. External device access ports of USBs and CD ROMs have been disabled on all employee devices. A strict Internet Usage Policy and restricted website access does not allow employees to access content sharing websites like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Newly appointed employees are given training for IP Protection and IP rights. We also sign contracts that cover the IP rights protection. Safety and security are taken care of such that they become a vital part of the sustainable solutions we offer. You can rely on our security measures for the protection of your confidential business data. 

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