Custom Software Development and Maintenance

Moltech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Custom Software Development and Maintenance Company in Gandhinagar, India. We are knowing that in the business world, every day some new ideas need to be developed to provide the solution to the day-to-day life challenges. Organizations the organization has their business process and its essential aspect of any business. Moltech can help to developed custom and innovative software solution will defiantly enhance your business performance. Here are the benefits of tailor-made software

Our Services Include

Worth While

The automated process will save lots of money and Manpower will help you to focus on another core part of the business. It’s a one-time investment to development that will not require any frequent changes.

Unique and Personalized Solutions

Software developed based on the business need or as per the organization processed. Software developed with the latest or top-notched technologies

Increase Productivity

The automated solution help to collect the large data and will to develop the various kind of report will help the organization to increase productivity.


The software consist of various level of authorization and audit log. It’s only used by the organization's staff and chances of leakage are minimize.

Our customer centric process, Key for success

Discussion and Analysis
Design and Development
Testing and Quality Check
Deployment and Publish

Other Benefits

At Moltech, we have a wide range of experience and expertise in developing custom software and maintain software applications. Our team has developed and successfully delivered and Maintaining the application for various domains and organizations like Education, Supplier chain, E-commerce, Benefit funds, the Platform business, and the travel industry.

Our customer-oriented method in Software development will give the surety to get you to realize the value of the invested money. Our Marketing and technical team will ensure you get the right product with the right process flow. Our various expert team helps you in each step of the software life cycle to achieve goal products.

Mobile Application Development

Nowadays, mobile applications are an essential part of every organization. Mobile apps can enable all businesses to grow with ease and speed.

Moltech Solutions provides Mobile Application Development in various technologies. We are experienced and dedicated research and development team for mobile application development in native and hybrid technologies. We help our customers convert their business process into an easily accessible portable app. We have expertise in the following areas:

Our Services Include

IOS App Development
Android App Development
IPad App Development
Windows App Development

Our experienced team has expertise in the following technologies:

1. Native application development (using java and swift C)

2. Hybrid application development using the following framework

  • a. Ionic framework
  • b. Flutter
  • c. React Native
  • d. Xamerin

UI/UX Design and Development

We have expertise in web and mobile app design and developments using modern technologies. Our highly experienced team, works with the customers, understands their philosophy and translate their thoughts into the perfect visual user interface.

Our UX team helps you design eye-catching visuals like plans, wireframes and design page mockups using the modern technologies. Our UI team will help to translate those wireframes into Html and CSS code with the latest client-side frameworks. Our UX and UI designers promise you high transformation rates with reduced customer complaints.

Digital Marketing

In this competitive world, our SEO experts offer digital marketing of your business to make your business more popular on the web across the globe.

Choosing the right keyword in the content will help the search engines give the specific result and our SEO experts help you write the keyword-friendly content to make search engines easily rank it.

By doing competition analysis consisting of analyzing your competitor’s website and their traffic, our SEO experts can help you take necessary steps and perform actions to rank above them. We help you submit meta specific content to the search engines and track progress of your rankings on a regular basis.

Remember that you are not alone. Lots of your competitors are already out there and increasing their web presence. To stay in the limelight and to make your business more and more popular over the internet, one has to stay updated with digital marketing and that's exactly what Moltech helps with.

Our SEO experts will help you in

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Digital Marketing for Social Media Networking

3. Social Branding

4. Mobile Application Advertisements and Marketing

5. Websites Marketing

Cross Platform Application Development

In the business world every day thousands of ideas are being developed. If we want to develop something, it should be scalable, maintainable and cross-platform. Today, there are multiple operating systems that are popular in the market and people mostly have their own choices. Hence, we develop applications that are supported by all the Platforms. We think to develop individual applications per platform will take lots of time and need lots of costs. Hence Cross-platform application will help us to reduce the time for development, cost and easy to maintain.

Our experienced team help you to develop robust and scalable solutions that can be run on multiple platforms. This will help you reduce the cost of development for different platforms. Increasing the reusability of code will help save lots of development time and make it easy to maintain the application.

Main Benefits of Cross-platform applications:

Our experienced team has expertise in following technologies:

1. Code reusability

2. Cost effective

3. Minimum development time

4. Uniformity and sameness

Business Software Consulting

Most of the people in the business world are not well-versed with people. They need someone who helps them translate their formally written vision and ideas into technical specifications.

We help customers to analyze their ideas basis which we help them choose a suitable tool and technology within their budget. Our customer-centric experienced team will help customers choose a better SDLC process, technologies and tools.

Effective processes we follow are:

1. We help analyze ideas and prepare the SRS document for customers

2. We help design an SDLC document for technical terms.

3. We set up proper processes, which help in seamless exchange of information between teams for effective collaborative work.

4. Minimized time and cost before introducing new products or services with constant regulatory and compliance changes.

5. Ability to strategize, develop and execute new initiatives with optimal speed to remain up to date.

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