Custom Software Development and Maintenance

Moltech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Custom Software Development and Maintenance Company in Gandhinagar, India. We are knowing that in the business world, every day some new ideas need to be developed to provide the solution to the day-to-day life challenged. Organizations the organization has their business process and its essential aspect of any business. Moltech can help to developed custom and innovative software solution will defiantly enhance your business performance. Here are the benefits of tailor-made software

Our Services Include

Worth While

The automated process will save lots of money and Manpower will help you to focus on another core part of the business. It’s a one-time investment to development that will not require any frequent changes.

Unique and Personalized Solutions

Software developed based on the business need or as per the organization processed. Software developed with the latest or top-notched technologies

Increase Productivity

The automated solution help to collect the large data and will to develop the various kind of report will help the organization to increase productivity.


The software consist of various level of authorization and audit log. It’s only used by the organization's staff and chances of leakage are minimize.

Our customer centric process, Key for success

Discussion and Analysis
Design and Development
Testing and Quality Check
Deployment and Publish

Other Benefits

At Moltech, we have a wide range of experience and expertise in developing custom software and maintain the software applications. Our team has developed and successfully delivered and Maintaining the application for various domains and organizations like Education, Supplier chain, E-commerce, Benefit funds, the Platform business, and the travel industry.

Our customer-oriented method in Software development will give the surety to get you to realize the value of the invested money. Our Marketing and technical team will ensure you get the right product with the right process flow. Our various expert team helps you in each step of the software life cycle to achieve goal products.

You have idea or dream want to convert in goal, please contact us today for a free.

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