Career Nurture Craft

Project Overview

Career Nurture craft is multiple intelligent algorithms. User can give MIDAS Test and based on the test answer, Report provides which describe in which skill person is good and what needs to improve.


Career Nurture Craft


Assessment Tool

Tools MVC with C#, SQL server 2012, Entity Framework 6.0, Web API, Angular JS, HTML 5 with Bootstrap framework


Flying Cape


June – 2017 - Continued..

Project Solution
  • Manage Organization
  • Manage Groups
  • Configuration of Participant
  • Test Module
  • Reports
  • PDF Generation
Technical Information
  • Web Server: Windows server IIS
  • Database: MS SQL server 2012 +
  • Programming language: MVC, C#
  • Client Technology: JQuery, Angular js, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Version Control: SVN
  • UI Design: HTML 5, Bootstrap 3
  • Architecture: Distributed and repository pattern
  • Other tools: Wire card payment get way, PayPal, Times SSO authentication
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