Clixz Platform

Project Challenges

Clixz is a product based company. They are building a solution for various utility companies responsible for water, gas, electricity installation. They want to develop unique and dynamic solutions and want to sell those solutions to different companies. The main challenge for this project is a requirement from each company would be different for the same module, hence the need to provide a dynamic, scalable solution can help them to sale the same solution to a different company with a different domain




Platform (Utility)




April – 2014 - Continued..


Project Solution

At Moltech, we help clixz to develop their dream product which contains lots of functionality and the module: Following are some of the features:

  • Workflow Modules
    • a. Send email workflow

    • b. Pdf generation workflow

    • c. Other custom task management workflows

  • Clixz configuration
    • a. Manage the Users

    • b. Manage Global settings

    • c. Manage permission based on roles, Groups and Users

    • d. Manage SSRS report configurations

    • e. Module wise settings

  • Sales and Lead modules
    • a. Able to manage the quote management and workflow dynamically

    • b. Price calculation for quotes and manage the different version

    • c. Able to manage interaction

    • d. Finalize workflow

    • e. Custom view for grid display

    • f. Conditional formatting for grid

    • g. Leads management and manage the workflow

  • Data Management
  • Document approval
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Issue Management
  • Synergy portal and Portal
  • Test Flow
  • questionnaires
  • Pre filled forms
Some functionalities
  • In prefilled forms, User able to design the dynamic forms and we can generate the links to filled the values
  • Questionnaires, user able to create a set of questions to and take the test
  • Chart integration, user able to configure the different chart and can use many places
  • Chat application: all the users who use the platform able to chat with each other's
  • Viemeo integration
  • Drop Zone customization and integration
  • Automated solution
  • Sale the individual modules to different customers
  • Manage the Audit log
  • Able to configure reports as they need without development efforts.
Technical Information
  • Web Server: Windows server IIS
  • Database: MS SQL server 2012 +
  • Programming language: MVC, C#
  • Client Technology: JQuery, Angular js, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Version Control: SVN
  • UI Design: HTML 5, Bootstrap 3
  • Architecture: Distributed and repository pattern
  • Other tools: Wire card payment get way, PayPal, Times SSO authentication
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