Case Studies

One of the customers have a class booking system, but hard for them to manage to find attendee for a particular class. Hence we help them in building an app which can solve their problems and do other management quickly on their mobile.


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Flying Cape


May– 2017, Continued..

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Project Solution

Moltech helps them to develop a mobile application where they can scan the generated QR code with perfect validation and Mark the attendance using manual and auto-check-in.

  • It also provides other information as below:
    • a. Dashboard: Able to view number of classes arranged today, booking count and check-in count

    • b. Able to see the attendee list

    • c. Mark attendance by global and class-wise scan

    • d. Mark attendance Manually by clicking on attendee information

    • e. Able to do a quick booking of the sport

    • f. Reports

  • Automated solution
  • Easy Attendance Scanning flow
  • Able to track attendance automatically
  • Easy to manage the reports
Technical Information
  • Programming language: C#, Rest API, Ionic 3.0
  • Client Technology: Angular js, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Version Control: SVN
  • UI Design: HTML 5, Ionic components
  • Other tools: Wire card payment get way, PayPal
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