ACCA eVoting

Project Challenges

Our existing customers were facing a challenge in the COVID situation, where they had election time to select the committee members.

we helped them to build a digital solution where they can solve their problem and achieve a desire goals.


ACCA Micro


Career Zone in Finance


ACCA Micro


Project Solution

Following are some features where

  • Admin can add Candidates and their information
  • Admin can configure votings, i.e. the maximum number of votes users can vote, Start date and end date
  • Admin Extract the voting reports.
  • Users can see the videos of their candidates
  • Users can log-in and can vote for their favorite candidates.
Technical Information
  • Web Server: Windows server IIS
  • Database: MS SQL server 2017 +
  • Programming language: Asp.Net MVC, C#
  • Client Technology: Angular Js, Javascript, Ajax
  • Version Control: SVN
  • UI Design: HTML 5, Bootstrap 4
  • Architecture: Distributed and repository pattern
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