Assembly Blocks

Project Challenges

Assembly block is a web-based molecules Supplier Company. They have more than 20k products that they are going sell on the web platform. They want some automated solution which can save their time. And Moltech helps them to solve their problems as below.


Assembly Blocks


Chemical and Purchasing


Assembly Blocks


June 2015


Project Solution

Moltech solutions understand their goal and help them to design architecture of projects which really reduce 40% workforce time

  • We build the web-based product management system
  • We build the tools to import the molecules product with their structure and properties into the system
  • Enable the structure search, easy search for anyone.
  • RFQ system and Management
  • Booking module
  • Backend administration
  • Searching modules
  • Order management module
  • Production price management module
  • Quick book integration for bill generation, PO generation, and other accounting functions
Technical Information
  • Web Server: Windows server IIS
  • Database: MS SQL server 2012 +
  • Programming language: MVC, C#
  • Client Technology: JQuery, Angular js, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Version Control: SVN
  • UI Design: HTML 5, Bootstrap 3
  • Architecture: Distributed and repository pattern
  • Other tools: Wire card payment get way, PayPal, Times SSO authentication
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